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Push up bra


Push up bra is designed and engineered to shape the feminine body. A push up cut helps lift the breasts, gives curves and brings the breasts temptingly to the centre. A special push up cut and special support wires have made women's lingerie one of the most popular products in the world. The models vary from half a cup (Demi cup) to a plunge push up model that rises higher from the side. The purpose of the push up bra is to highlight the neckline and curves. The push up bra in the middle centre is very low and often there is only a very small cord between the cups to hold the cups. Thanks to the low cup and light construction, push up bras are best for smaller and medium size breasts. The model is often made for cups A to D. Special support wires La Perla push up bras often have extra padding that can be removed if less padding is desired. The model also allows you to add more to the volume if desired. La Perla push up bras are known all over the world for their incredibly beautiful design and special round shape. Andres Sarda push up bra is mostly a plunge model and is also suitable for a larger cup. Plunge push up models are also often smoother and more suitable for everyday use. Luxton boutique has a wide variety of push up models. Every woman finds herself one favourite push up bra.

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