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La Perla

LA PERLA - The most beautiful lingerie in the world! Every woman's dream lingerie!

La Perla is the leading Italian lingerie and swimwear brand founded in 1954 by the talented corset master Ada Masotti. The heritage of handicrafts, knowledge of the female body, a mixture of innovation and tradition, and a strong Italian identity are the cornerstones and values of La Perla. Ada Masotti started making luxury corsets in 1954 in a small studio in Bologna, Italy. La Perla's name comes from the fact that she began packing his products in velvet-covered boxes, like pearls. Today, La Perla is known all over the world. La Perla collections are considered to be a world-class brand due to their uniqueness, high-quality design. La Perla offers unique seasonal collections. The collections use the world's best beautiful lace and silk fabrics. Every woman deserves beautiful lingerie!