Give your loved one a Luxton boutique gift card! A simple and luxurious gift that will fulfill all your romantic wishes. Beautiful lingerie is every woman's dream.

Gift cards are available in different values. € 50, € 100, € 250, and € 500.

We can send the gift card to the e-mail you want. It is also possible to get a classic gift card in an envelope or gift bag from our boutique at your request: Luxton boutique, Pärnu mnt 27, Tallinn. E-R 11-19, L 11-17.

We will send the e-gift card to your email after paying for the order.

We can design an e-gift card with the recipient's name in Estonian or English. Ask for more: info@luxtonboutique.com

E-Gift Card Terms and Conditions

The seller of the Luxton boutique e-gift card is Link To Design OÜ (Pärnu mnt 27, Tallinn 10141, registry code 12204570, phone +3726606266, e-mail address: info@luxtonboutique.com).

The Luxton boutique e-gift card can be purchased with a value of € 50, € 100, € 250 or € 500.

The Luxton boutique e-gift card is only available in the e-shop www.luxtonboutique.com

The e-gift card will be activated after full payment for its value.

The e-gift card can be used as a means of payment for all products in the www.luxtonboutique.com e-shop and in the shop Luxton boutique: Pärnu mnt 27 Tallinn, to the extent of the nominal value on the e-gift card.

The e-gift card can be used once for the balance. If the purchase amount exceeds the amount on the e-gift card, it is possible to pay the missing amount with a bank link.

If the purchase amount is less than the amount on the gift card, the amount will be deducted from the e-gift card to the extent of the purchase amount and the remaining part can be used as a means of payment in subsequent purchases.

One e-gift card can be used to pay for one purchase.

The e-gift card cannot be exchanged for cash or for a new gift card with a longer validity period. The Luxton boutique e-gift card is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. After the expiration of the e-gift card, the payment option is closed automatically, and the unused amount can no longer be used and is not refundable.

The seller is not responsible for any damages resulting from the receipt of the luxtonboutique.com e-gift card by a third party. In this case, the amount used by third parties is not subject to reimbursement to the buyer or the authorized user of the e-gift card.

The current terms and conditions of the www.luxtonboutique.com e-gift card can be seen at www.luxtonboutique.com gift cards. The seller has the right to change the terms by publishing the new terms on the same internet address.

Instructions for using coupons or promotional codes:

Use the discount code or coupon when ordering: www.luxtonboutique.com, add to cart Copy the coupon code to the box and click the ADD COUPON button. After adding a coupon, the discount or coupon value is activated.