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Luxton boutique

Luxton boutique, Pärnu mnt 27 Tallinn, ESTONIA. M-F 12-19, S 12-17.  Exquisite Luxury lingerie and silk nightwear

Luxton boutique is a luxury lingerie, loungewear, and lifestyle store in the city center of Tallinn. Located only 5 minutes walking distance from famous old city of Tallinn.  We have 20 years of excellent service experience of selling Luxury brand of La Perla. Luxton boutique offers prestigious brands with a history, unique collections, personal customer advice and service by professionals in their field. Beautiful lingerie is our passion! Luxton boutique is the only importer and distributor of La Perla, O.Couture, Andres Sarda, Maison Close, Maryan Mehlhorn and Mey lingerie, clothing and accessories in Estonia. Luxton boutique's 20 years of experience in selling luxury lingerie and clothing is a sign of the boutique's quality and reliability. Luxton Boutique's commitment to the customer and to maintaining the reputation of the La Perla brand is also shown by the fact that La Perla's creations are sold only in the world's most prestigious department stores and specialty boutiques around the world. Beautiful lingerie is our passion! We love beautiful lingerie! Buy less, value quality and sustainability. We love slow fashion and ethical choices. Luxton boutique offers private counseling by a professional consultant. If you wish, we also offer counseling outside of classic working hours, at a time convenient for you. For personal counseling, please book in advance. This service is free. To book an appointment, please send an e-mail to: info@luxtonboutique.com. We give a 5% discount on every purchase to those who have joined our loyalty program.