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Patricia of Finland



Over 100 years of Finnish expertise. Patricia vision is to always provide affordable daily luxury for women. 

Helping to choose correct bra size and model, we advance women's breast health and wellness.

  • 1912 Founder Julia Sjöblom opened her first sewing workshop and store in Helsinki.
  • 1932 The success of the workshop and store led to the company expanding and the second shop was opened in Helsinki. Aside from the company’s own corsetry and bra production.
  • 1958 The Patricia brand is born and became one of the leading Finnish brands.
  • 1962 Patricia measured 27 000 Finnish women and the data from these measurements are still in use at the company today.
  • 1991 Patricia’s director attended lunch with the British Queen in recognition of the “Patricia of Finland” brand being one of the brands delivered to the British Royal Family.
  • 2004 Patricia returned to its retail roots and opened its flagship retail store of 200 square metres in Helsinki centrum.
  • 2015 “Patricia of Finland” opened their own web shop.